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Africa Publishing Company publishes and distributes lifestyle-oriented, non-fiction books written by Christian authors that centre on relationships, health, inspirational and spiritual titles. We take special care to produce books that are relevant to the African market, with appealing themes, professional presentation, superb quality, and affordable prices. One of our primary goals is to develop and distribute material written by African authors.

Africa Publishing Company is based in Cape Town, South Africa, where we have access to the latest publishing and printing innovations. We have a dedicated team of editors, proof-readers, designers, and translators who ensure that our products meet the world standard of quality publishing materials.

Although our publishing processes take place in Cape Town, we outsource all our printing to local or international companies according to the size of the project. We are able to deliver our materials anywhere in Africa through the different freight companies with whom we partner. Our company currently distributes books in South Africa, Angola, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Ghana, the United States, Brazil and Argentina. The company's products are sold to local distributors, who sell the titles through stores, direct door-to-door sales, and student book programs.

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Africa Publishing Company attends
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March 2014

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O Espelho Zombador

O autor encoraja-nos a apreciarmos a nossa singularidade e apresenta métodos que ajudam a desenvolver uma aceitação própria segura que pode superar as fábulas da vaidade e da aversão própria.

Somente os Corajosos Triunfam

O autor propõe uma nova perspectiva dos valores do passado ao apresentar vislumbres das vidas de dez heróis e heroínas da nossa era.

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